What To Get From Process Servers

When you are using a private process server, there are some things that you can do to make sure that the most accurate and the fastest turnaround time possible is achieved. This is especially important when due diligence is needed. Every process server worth his salt knows that there may be some pieces of information that can possibly speed up the service.

If you know the subject’s usual schedule, inform the server. For instance, if you know that the subject works from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon, and goes straight to the gym, we can attempt service either at the home or work with those schedules in mind. This can help the number of attempts to be made and will produce a higher chance of serving the subject faster.

If you would like the process server to attempt service at a location that is other than the initial address, make sure to include the necessary information in the original cover letter. See, if there are no alternate address provided, this is most probably what will happen: The server will attempt service at a home address and then will report to you that the individual is not at the indicated location. You will then provide and alternate address and if it’s still possible, the server will attempt service in the same day. But if it’s already late, the service will have to be done the following day. If you proactively provide an alternate address, the situation will change. The server can simply go from the original home address to the next possible location. This cuts down the amount of time needed to complete the service.

If it’s available, send in the driver’s license number – especially when due diligence is needed. Depending on the location, motor vehicle searches can be performed online. The turnaround time can be cut down from two to three weeks to two to three days. That’s a lot of time that you could save just by providing the driver’s license number!

Those three tips mentioned above are all meant to help speed up the time in which due diligence or your process service is completed. This means that your case is also moved along faster, too! And who doesn’t want that, right? Of course, it is also important that you use a reputable company, as well. Select Document Services, Inc. is exactly the kind of company that can do what you require efficiently and accurately. Give us a call today!