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What Are Court Searches?

One thing that may surprise you about court records is that there’s nothing actually restricting you from taking a look at them, at least, not legally. Court records, unlike human resource files or other documents, are available to the public. However, there’s still the issue of sifting through them in order to find what you need. Hundreds of thousands of cases are completed in Canada each year, and court searches are an essential method both businesses and individuals use to learn more about certain entities.

A court search, also known as an executive search, is a sort of legal deep dive into court records and data surrounding a specific person or business. The types of things that are generally detailed and accessible via public court record include:

  • Any legal actions against the person/entity
  • Outstanding liens
  • Bankruptcy, both past and present
  • Troubles with the Securities Commission or Tax Court
  • Whether or not entities  own property

When you pay to get court searches done, you’re not necessarily getting any more information than you would than if you were to pore over the records yourself. However, professionals will be able to get the relevant information much quicker than an untrained person left alone with all the court records. This makes it possible to use a court check to look into the legal history of a person or business.

There are a number of reasons why someone might wish to use a court search, with this in mind. For example, a company that is looking to work with a business over a partnership will likely have a court search done as a part of their own legal due diligence. This will show if their potential partners have any legal history or financial issues (past bankruptcy) that may drive them to change their mind down the line.

However, it doesn’t have to be people in business who get a court search done. If an individual is planning on suing another individual or company, they may get a court search done in order to see if similar legal accusations have been leveled in the past.

Court searches are an essential process both to those involved in the legal process and those outside of the legal world who may have legal-related questions that need answering. Reach out to Select Document Services for court searches and other legal services like process serving and risk management.