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Select Document: What We Can Do for You

Growing a business during a tough economy is a challenging task, but for those who strive hard, success comes eventually.


In 1985, Select Document was incorporated and since then, has expanded to one of the largest networks available throughout Canada, Quebec, and the United States. Its founder, Byron R. Raphael, has extensive years of experience as a former Private Investigator.


Byron and his highly trained contractors and staff have built a highly successful company that aims to provide customer satisfaction and to meet aggressive timelines all throughout Canada, Quebec, and the United States.



We offer a variety of services and they are available to the public, lawyers/ attorney’s, and private businesses.

One of the services we offer is Service of Process/ Process Serving within the GTA, and ALL Provinces in Canada, including Quebec and the U.S.A. When legal documents must be served upon a defendant or respondent, that is where we come in. We here at Select Document are knowledgeable in terms of serving legal documents personally. Under the Rules of Civil Procedure In some cases, legal documents may be left with another adult person who resides at the same address. There are also some cases wherein our services can be made on a Sunday where permitted.


Our trained and experienced process servers are “PEACE OFFICERS” who preserve and maintain the public peace for the service or execution of the civil process.


Select Document is a proud member of several known associations for professional process servers throughout North America.



Usually, you have to communicate with one or many different process servers in different cities or states. However, here at Select Document, there is no need for that. All files are handled in one office. This helps our clients avoid the inconvenience of remembering which city/cities they have contacted, who they spoke with, who they left a message for, the dates involved, and so on.



The Hague Convention states that “PRIVATE PROCESS IS DEEMED EFFECTIVE”.

Did you know that Serving in the Province of  Quebec is only deemed effective when it is served by a Licensed Hussier? We here at Select Document have Quebec agents who are Licensed Hussiers.

Private Process is a quicker and less expensive method and translation of documents is not required. Visit our website to see the Case Law.   


What is an Executive Search? Is this ONLY for BIG BUSINESSES? No.


Let’s say you are getting married, giving a loan, going to a new job, or looking to sue a person or company. You want to know if any legal actions had been commenced, or for instance, have they ever gone bankrupt? Do they own their property? If you have other similar questions, then this service is for you.



This service is the same as an Executive Search but includes this includes:

*Property Searches

*Securities Commission Searches

*Criminal Searches ( release required)

*Corporate Searches

*Lien Searches, and more



In terms of prices, we do provide a flat rate. It is best to contact us for more detailed information on prices.  Disbursements and taxes are not included in our flat rates.


For any other questions you might have, or if you want to learn more about all our services and rates, you may contact us at your earliest convenience.