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Risk Management: A Must in Any Organisation

Due to the economy’s instability, several companies and how they operate are affected. Companies that used to operate smoothly in the past with the aid of forecasts and projections now refrain from making business judgments set in stone. Nowadays, companies have a renewed focus: to manage risks.


What It Is

Risk is the main cause of uncertainty in any given organisation. Therefore, companies tend to focus more on identifying risks and managing them before these risks even affect the business. The ability to manage risks will certainly help companies to act more confidently on future business decisions. Their knowledge of the risks they are facing will provide them various options in terms of dealing with potential problems.


One advisory firm conducted a firm and according to them, organisations face external and internal influences and factors that make it uncertain when the extent to which they will achieve or exceed their set objectives. The effect of this uncertainty is the risks.


Simply put, risks can be caused both internally and externally. Internal risks include information breaches, non-compliance, or operational risks among others. External risks, on the other hand, include those factors that are cannot be directly controlled by the management.



In an organisation, risk management is important because, without it, it is impossible for a firm to define its objectives for the future.


Nowadays, more and more companies are adding risk management departments to their teams. The role of this team is to identify risks, to come up with strategies that will safeguard the company from these risks, to execute said strategies, and to motivate all the members of the company to cooperate in these strategies.


Larger organisations tend to face larger risks, so their risk management strategies should be more sophisticated.


Critical Risks

The risk management team is also responsible for assessing each risk and determining which will be critical for the business. Critical risks are those risks that could have an adverse impact on a business. These, then, should be given utmost importance and should be greatly prioritised.


The whole goal of risk management is to make sure that a company only takes risks that will help it achieve its primary objective while at the same time keeping all other risks under conrol.


Is Risk Management Available to the Public? YES


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