Process Serving 101: Frequently Asked Questions

You might not be ultimately familiar with the industry of process serving and that’s okay – we are here to help you understand it a little better! We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and we have provided brief answers for you. Here they are:   What does process serving mean? Process serving or service of p ...

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Process Service for Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest times for any person. It takes a lot of courage to decide that you’ll go ahead and start a proceeding. You just want things to be over as soon as possible. Some spouses do not realize that just like how getting married requires the consent of two people, getting divorced does, too. What does t ...

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Legal Support Staff and How Their Roles are Changing

In the recent years, technological innovations used in law firms have somehow blurred the lines that used to tell the difference between paralegals or legal assistants and legal secretaries. These two positions used to be separate and quite distinct from each other, but nowadays, it seems that the positions have overlapped and the roles they play h ...

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