What To Get From Process Servers

When you are using a private process server, there are some things that you can do to make sure that the most accurate and the fastest turnaround time possible is achieved. This is especially important when due diligence is needed. Every process server worth his salt knows that there may be some pieces of information that can possibly speed up the ...

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Process Service for Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest times for any person. It takes a lot of courage to decide that you’ll go ahead and start a proceeding. You just want things to be over as soon as possible. Some spouses do not realize that just like how getting married requires the consent of two people, getting divorced does, too. What does t ...

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Entrapment in the Process Serving Industry

Process servers are tasked to deliver important court documents to people for various reasons. It is not an easy job,that goes without saying. However, it is also a job that some people have misconceptions about. More often than not, the recipients are not thrilled to receive documents, and this can make a process server’s task challenging. &n ...

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How to Choose the Best Process Serving Company

Are you trying to subpoena a reluctant witness or serve someone with legal papers?  If your court case hinges on the testimony of someone who doesn’t want to be found, that could be a big problem for you and your client.  However, you aren’t totally helpless.  You can retain a process server and prove to the court that they were served with ...

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