What Are Court Searches?

One thing that may surprise you about court records is that there’s nothing actually restricting you from taking a look at them, at least, not legally. Court records, unlike human resource files or other documents, are available to the public. However, there’s still the issue of sifting through them in order to find what you need. Hundreds o ...

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What Is A Risk Management Search?

At its core, every business, institution, or non-profit is doing risk management on a daily basis on some level. There are going to be certain situations placed in front of them, and they need to make their decision based on what the potential is for success, but also what the potential is for something to go wrong. In order to make an educated d ...

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Received a Subpoena? Here’s What You Should Do

Process servers are known to serve subpoenas. What is a subpoena? A subpoena is issued by a court or other government agencies to a person, requesting that they appear in court. It can also be issued if documents, materials or other evidence are to be provided. However, this request is actually more of a command. Failure to comply to a subpoena may ...

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Process Serving 101: Frequently Asked Questions

You might not be ultimately familiar with the industry of process serving and that’s okay – we are here to help you understand it a little better! We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and we have provided brief answers for you. Here they are:   What does process serving mean? Process serving or service of p ...

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Risk Management: Questions that Need to be Answered

We now live in a fast-paced world and whether it is a personal affair or a business affair you are involving yourself with, it is important that you are confident enough with whatever transaction or agreement you are making. Here is where mitigating risks and performing due diligence come in.   Before you can apply proper risk management ...

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